1/12th Wooden Dolls Showcase

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Gaynor Fryer asked me to make a wooden doll in a Norwegian costume for a miniaturist friend who lives in the Troms region of Norway.
 Norwegian Doll Signe Bunad

Signe Alverstein (in her own bunad)


 Norwegian Doll single

Wooden doll in Norwegian costume

is approx. 1 inch tall and available from the online shop


Signe was very pleased with her doll and wrote:

"You can imagine my surprise when I saw what Gaynor had sent me! The doll is beautiful, and I have never seen such a tiny one dressed in a "bunad", the traditional Norwegian dress. There are so many different bunads, depending on the origin (which area of Norway), probably hundreds if I count all the variations. Receiving a doll wearing a Tromsbunad, exactly like my own, was quite unbelievable!

The bunad I own is made by my mom. It is a "simple" dress compared to many of the others, no embroideries, because in this part of the country there were mostly hard working peasants and fishermen. No time for "luxury" hobbies like embroidery. The vest is made of beautiful brocade, and the scarf is silk, the fabric was traditionally traded. The skirt is heavy wool. The silver is also made in a rougher style than many of the others. Just so you know a little background info on the bunad you made!

Thank you so much for making this precious little doll for me! And yes, you can off course use the photo I sent Gaynor."

3 ballerinadotty dolls
               Ballerina                                          Wooden dolls dressed in Dotty dresses  

welsh, irishDressed wooden dolls

Welsh doll                          Irish Doll                                     Dressed wooden dolls

 spanishwelsh, irish, dutch

Spanish Doll Dutch Doll

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