Pedlar Doll

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February 2014 .............

 New Design for Pedlar Doll



 Pedlar Doll Black Measure 1

I have now redesigned my pedlar doll. She is slightly smaller than my previous doll. She is the correct scale to represent a 12 inch Victorian pedlar doll. She will be perfect to display in a glass dome on a Victorian mantelpiece.

 As you can see from the picture she is no more than a inch tall.

 Pedlar Constance King Book

My inspiration for my pedlar dolls is the from the above picture which shows a 'papier mache doll with a Godnertal-type wooden body dressed in Welsh costume with a red silk-lined pedlar's cape. Items on the tray include books, scent bottles and playing cards. Circa 1840. Height of doll 11 inches.'

(Photo and description from 'Antique Toys and Dolls' by Constance E King)


 Pedlar Doll Black Box 1Pedlar Doll Black Box 2

 The Pedlar doll has her own green silk-lined box to travel in.



 Pedlar Doll Black Side 1