1/24th dolls Showcase

Tiny Bride andtiny bride and groom on wedding cake Groom 

Su of the Dartford Dollshouse and Miniatures club asked me to make a tiny bride and groom for the top of a miniature Wedding Cake.

tiny bride and groom setting




su woodgates real cake photo





With the help of her friends at the club Su made the beautiful little cake and placed it in a setting containing miniature items relating to the wedding and the lives, hobbies and interests of her son, Liam and bride to be, Lynne.


A very special momento !!

The happy couple with the real cake!





Another tiny bride and groomTiny Bride Groom Angela 5


Angela Holloway of Woking asked me to make a tiny bride and groom as a Wedding Anniversary present. Gemma (Angela's daughter) and Jeremy celebrated their first year of marriage on the7th May 2012. 

 Tiny Bride Groom Angela 9

Gemma and Jeremy on their Wed

Angela requested a bride with fair hair, no veil and a diamond tiara carrying 'bluebell' blue flowers. The groom should have red hair and a grey suit. She also supplied me with a  photo.

ding Day


The dolls are approx. half an inch tall.
Tiny Bride Groom Angela 8Tiny Bride Groom Angela 6