Mary Sheldon

Mary Sheldon lives in California. Recently she purchased two 1/48th figures from me, a Georgian man and Beatrix Potter to add to her 1/12th scale Theatrical Costume shop.  Mary has very kindly sent me some photos of  shop which also contains some more of my dolls which she purchased some years ago. For many years whenever Mary came to England she would visit Kristin Baybars shop in London with her daughter and buy my dolls there.

Mary has placed my Queen Elizabeth II doll in the centre front of the window and Beatrix Potter to the right.


Inside, the wonderful shop is full of beautifully detailed miniature costumes most of which were made by Josephine Parnell.  Mary has given me a list of some of the plays and books represented with costumes and props - Harry Potter, She Stoops to Conquer, Emma , Little House on the Prairie, The Twelve Dancing Princesses, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Little Bo-Peep, Little Boy Blue, A Little Princess, The Secret Garden, Raggedy Ann and Andy, The Importance of Being Ernest, Tudor Nobles, An 18th Century French Aristocrat, Mother Goose and more...

On the mantelpiece at the back are the Georgian man and two of my earliest 1/48th figures, Elizabeth 1 and a Tudor nobleman. 

I think my favourite is the little Peter Pan costume hanging on the wall. ( The Peter Pan costume and Alice dress were made by Lilli Ann Hamilton who Mary quite rightly describes as 'a local miniature genius').


Inside the Theatrical Costume Shop
A brilliant way to display costumes of all periods and genres!