Karen Sneddon

Karen lives in Australia. Each year Karen creates a roombox for a page in a Miniatures Calendar sold for charity by Lorraine of Fairy Meadow Miniatures. 


Art Deco

Karen sent me photos of her latest roombox for the 2018 calendar which once again is so incredibly full of detail and imagination!

She says:

'Each year it is a different theme and this one is Art Deco. Each month is a different period such as Edwardian, The 50’s , Ricco etc. and we were given a travelling trunk (that we had to put together) to feature in the room, I turned mine into a drinks cabinet. I thought you may want to see the finished product and have attached some photos. It does light up but photos came out better with them off.'

'The bed was a kit and just plain, I photo copied some wood grain from the internet and covered it, I also used the paper to put in the wardrobe panels and was pleased with the outcome.  I recovered the chaise longue to match the bed which gave me the peacock theme, I think its Art Deco ha ha!

The hat boxes are makeup lids that I covered in paper and the large pillow on the bed is a piece of dowel I found in hubby’s shed. The dressing table is two bedside tables that I glued together and then I put a top on it and covered it with woodgrain paper. The screen is also from a scrapbooking shop as well as all the wallpaper.' 


'The bear skin rug was a toy polar bear and I sliced his head and feet off (poor thing I hated doing it as he was so cute) and I found a bear skin rug template that I scaled down and cut up some foe fur. The round frames were mirrors, and the peacock frame and the lady above the fire place were all scrapbooking frames.'

'The drinks cabinet was a challenge , it was a kit for a travelling trunk (part of the theme was to feature this in the room) and was not very Art Deco. So I repurposed it into the cabinet and the stand was a chair that I cut the back off. The ceiling light is cardboard covered in paper and black ink on the edges'

Karen went on to explain she was unable to include any of my dolls in this particular setting (which I fully understand!) but I do think this roombox is a fantastic inspiration for the Art Deco period.