Rose Lowry 1/12th

Rose purchased a Sooty Sweep and Soo set during the London Dollshouse Online Showcase in February 2022. She sent me some lovely photographs of the little girl (made by Karen Tadman)  with her new toys and a beautiful cat which was also a new addition to the family.

Rose then told me she used to buy from me many years ago at Miniatura when she had a shop in Belfast. Noddy and Big Ears in the photos below are some of my earliest creations. The box for Big Ears was made by Elaine of Box Clever who left the miniature scene many years ago. I used to supply Elaine with toys to go in custom made boxes. It was when I found out that sometimes she had to adjust the boxes to fit the dolls (or rather her husband did) that I realised I needed to start measuring the dolls and parts to make them uniform in height rather than just relying on judgement! If anyone knows who made the giraffe in the last picture, Rose would love to know.

(The family of dolls in the photos below are by Marie France Beglan and her sister)