Sheila Godley 1/48th Witch's Cottage

Witch's Cottage

by Sheila Godley

Sheila asked me to make a 'nice' witch for her cottage. She wanted her dressed in purple and with golden hair. Making this witch for Sheila inspired me to make further witches and wizards for my range.

The witch had to be slightly shorter than the average doll I make so she could fit into the attic where she concocts her potions and spells. She also has a spinning wheel and a cauldron over the fire.

Downstairs the black dog is warming himself by the stove where the witch brews her coffee. The scrolls of what I assume are good spells are written at the table, tied with red ribbon and kept on the shelf. There are geese and hens roaming in the garden.

Here you can see her bookshelf and potting bench. She seems to be a very, very busy little witch!