Barbara Antol 1/48th

Barbara has been busy during Lockdown working on her 1/48th projects...

Le Bistro

Ye Olde Mill and Lighthouse

Castle Room Box

Friar Tuck in a castle roombox from Quarter Source. Barbara has made a nice cosy room for him and says he likes warming up by the fire after a walk through Sherwood Forest which can be seen through the windows.

Wandlyn Way Alley

Wandlyn Way Alley

Barbara says " Wandlyn Way Alley is a series of shop kits from Gayle Baillargeon of Petworth Miniatures. I've been working on this set off and on for about three years now :-). I have finally completed the last of eight buildings though I still need to decorate the inside of that last one. Gayle advertised this as North America’s version of Diagon Alley so it’s a series of little wizard shops.  These have been really fun to work on.  You’ll see the two little wizards coming out of one of the shops.  I decided Hansel and Gretel went great with the “Sticky Cauldron” candy shop.  Originally, I intended to put them by a little Gingerbread House I had, but they liked it here.  It will be even better when I get the candy shop filled inside :-) " 

Two little wizard boys coming out of the shop in Wandlyn Way Alley

Another inhabitant has now moved into Wandlyn Way Alley. Barbara says 'Morticia is excited to become the proprietress of the little shop called 'The Warped Web' which is a couture shop for witches and wizards. You can see her on the front balcony along with one of her little kitties who happens to be wearing a purple hat.